the downside of the Greens

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Tue Sep 29 07:40:18 PDT 1998

Doug wrote:
>Johannes Schneider wrote:
>> I wouldnt trust the Greens at all. On social issues (taxes, pensions,
>> insurance) they are to the right of the SPD, because union influence is
>> stronger on the SPD. The electorate of the Greens is the well-to-do
>> middle class, even the 'lefts' within the Greens like Trittin have to
>> this into account.
>Could you, or anyone else, say more on this? Some details on policy
>positions and the demographics of the Green support?
OK, up to know there is very little information avilable: Among the following groups the Greens are overrepresentated: White collar (Angestellte) and state officials (Beamte): 10% Age group 18-24: 10% Age group 25-44: 10% Big cities (more than 100.000) inhabitants: 9% Underrepresentated: East Germany: just above 5% Source taz Sept. 29 For the programmatic points I have to dig through my archive. Johannes

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