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Sound advice. He has done this. The rank and file seem to be in his corner, at least from person-to-person contact. But the hierarchy refuse to allow him to speak "at all." He attended the AFL-CIO convention and they wouldn't even let him or Carol Miller on the floor. Her father is a former teamster. He has refrained from criticizing the leadership, but how long is he supposed to bend over and take it?


Tom Lehman wrote:

> Dear Chuck,
> Please, tell Bobby he's not going to get union support by attacking
> the unions. Bob's been around long enough to know that; all that
> accomplishes is to piss people off who otherwise might help you.
> Also, tell Bob not to hog the microphone at any events he might invite
> himself to speak at---keep it short, sweet, and to the point.
> Sincerely,
> Tom
> bautiste at wrote:
>> Doyle Saylor wrote:
>> > Doug
>> > deserves in,
>> Doug deserves to be in if only because I can still receive my copy
>> of the
>> LBO. Actually, Doug's number crunching has gone a long way out here,
>> and
>> we'll probably carve a Santo of him when we win the state house! :-)
>> > Don't bemoan the typists, organize the unorganized.
>> Fortunately or unfortunately, I have worked at several jobs
>> (construction,
>> farmhand) and found writing to be the best paying and most amenable.
>> How's
>> that for self-righteous hypocrisy! :-) And I even belong to the
>> writer's
>> union!
>> > You done any
>> > organizing lately?
>> Trying to organize the writers here right now. But the AFL-CIO is
>> mighty
>> cliquish, you know. They're even backing Phil "the goof" Maloof, the
>> idiot
>> king, for Congress. He runs non-union businesses, is a millionaire
>> and can't
>> tie his shoes and spit gum at the same time. That's what must make
>> him good
>> for the union. If you know anyone in the hierarchy, perhaps you can
>> let them
>> know (like they don't already) that Maloof's opponent, Bob Anderson,
>> has
>> been organizing since the 60s. After he was laid off, he set up soup
>> kitchens for other laid off families. I guess the bigwhigs at the
>> union shop
>> think a yeller dog is better voted fer than a real union man. It
>> must be
>> those same guys who gave Newt "make em" Gingrich $60K.
>> chuck miller
>> --


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