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Tue Sep 29 09:22:14 PDT 1998

greetings all-

Thanks Greg N. for the info.

When I read about Japan guv lending US Treasuries to banks I just got the feeling there might be another level of action that was more complicated. Like, maybe-would it be likely that banks could do something with bonds that would effect US economy. But just now I flashed that it was prob Little Ally G's idea that BOJ do this. Anyway I think the art. mentioned that the bonds would be lent at low rates. If this is a solution, it seems mighty easy and painless, so why wasn't it done before? I know about political resistance to public bail-out, but I wonder if this plan had been in the offing. I just have a feeling that this event signals some broader change in persceptions. NOTE: I have absolutely no knowledge to back this up, I just feel something behind the lines.

If I've missed any other responses, please excuse. I'm trying to at least clear a decent path in the 3/4 of my house thats still a paintless, furnitureless spectacle, before my Aunt Millie and Uncle Tommy stop by on there way to Vegus next week. They are the neatest retired, workin class folks I know. He was a loyal union carpenter. They are some of the folks I gave subs of the Progressive Populist to. Never have said a word about it. Somehow the union activity in Vegas hasn't stopped them. Once mentioned pickets getting rough with tourists(read qbout it, I think) and that let them dismiss the unionizing. Still theyre sweet(still in love, too). So I'm trying to clean. Hope to catch up laterwith posts. Shit, it's noon. Bye.


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