"Pro-Serb-Nationalism"/"Pro-Milosevic" Baiting and the Death ofYugoslavia

rc-am rcollins at netlink.com.au
Fri Apr 2 00:31:29 PST 1999

>>It has been my experience on this list that those who do not swallow
the imperial thesis that "Serbs are the worst rapists, ethnic cleansers, and organizers of genocide" have been repeatedly characterized as "pro-Serb-nationalism" and/or "pro-Milosevic."<<

I haven't been repeating this 'thesis' and no one has, or could have, characterized me as a supporter of Serbian nationalism.

and, there is one way of shifting from an anti-nationalist rhetoric which (as I *have* noted before) does transmute into support for imperial powers to a consistent anti-nationalist position that is simultaneously against those imperial projects: demand that NATO countries open their borders to the refugees, alongside the demand that the bombing be halted.

there has certainly been some red-baiting from some well-known red-baiters. it's obvious and crude, but has been largely confined to the thread on Greece as far as I can tell. but it's only a game in this particular discussion for those who do see a (however much a cold-war-nostalgic) connection between the Belgrade government and socialism let alone communism -- from either 'side'.

but I suspect you are reaching for the accusation of red-baiting not in order to denounce any that has actually taken place but rather in order to re-position you arguments as the only red ones available. they are not the only ones.


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