bouncing ethnicity

Carl Remick cremick at
Fri Apr 2 09:00:19 PST 1999

> Every evidence is that the result we have seen in the last
> week would have
> been accomplished over the next few months absent the
> bombing. This is of
> course exactly the point most likely to be disputed by some
> who thought
> negotiations could bear fruit, but if you believe Milosevic
> was bent on
> ethnic clensing, then the advantage of the bombing is that it
> turned what
> had been many individual refugee stories over time into a single
> geopolitical fact of a whole nation seeking refugee status
> and demanding
> return of its land. The real danger for the Kosovan
> Albanians were that
> they would disappear off the geopolitical stage into a few
> hundred thousand
> individual stories, never to be heard of again except in
> anthropologies of
> refugee migration and resettlement.

This is all conjecture. The principal fact remains: The bombing turned a bad situation into a total catastrophe.

Carl Remick

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