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Le [03/04/99 01:57], Doug Henwood a écrit :

> Carl Remick wrote:
> >> I'd say that has been the strangest aspect of this whole episode
> >> to me: war fever on the left.
> >
> >Yes, strange and disgusting.
> Ooops, sorry. That was forwarded to the wrong list. Good point, though,
> no?
> Doug

I don't feel like Blair, Schroeder or Jospin are Left leaders (but maybe it's only me), not even to mention Clinton. In the case of Jospin, he is PM just because the Socialist Party had the biggest chance to remove the previous right gov. People voted him not because he is a left leader but more because he is not a right leader. See the never-ending conflicts with the communists, ecoligists and other left groups in the gvt...


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