Rugova alive

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Sat Apr 3 09:48:19 PST 1999

Nathan wrote

>If Rugova was making his comments from a safe haven in Macedonia, I would be
>taking this commentary absolutely seriously and probably calling for a halt
>to the bombing, even though Rugova's claims to authority have been eroding
>in the last year or two.

Didn't he win an election only last April, as reported in the NYT? What evidence do you have for this erosion?

> most people will treat his statements like any other
>prisoner-of-war -- not to be trusted without much more serious independent

what independent verification do you have for your implicit claim that the mass of Kosovars don't themselves want political mediation and an end to the bombing or that Kosovars consider the the NATO servant KLA to be a representative body?

yours, rakesh

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