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To my mind this doesn't prove much. Austria is a small player with a "trade north" orientation to Germany. Some of its heavy industry, which has been critical to the welfare state, would potentially be heavily impacted by competitors from further south. I never would have argued that there would be *unanimous* support. There seldom is for anything. -gn

1) The Death of the Danube Theory:

Greg Nowell recently suggested that the explanation for the NATO actions in Yugoslavia were explained by anger over Serbian machinations to slow trade along the Danube with references specifically to German and Dutch interests. This does not wash. Why not?


Austria is the only EU or NATO member actively opposing the NATO actions. But it has a much greater interest in the Danube traffic than does any other such country with the possible exception of brand-new NATO member, Hungary. Certainly its economic interest far exceeds that of either Germany or the Netherlands.

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