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Jim Heartfield wrote on 4th April:

> 'Social fascist' is a concept that was an
>intrinsic part of Stalinist political science, but was rejected by those
>who did not have to justify the policy of physical attacks on the German
>SPD in collusion with the NSDAP. 'Social fascist' is not a concept it is
>a meaningless slander directed by Stalinists against working class
>>if they overlook an analysis of the
>>formation that has given rise to Bosnia as well as Kosovo, they are not
>>approaching the issue in a marxist way.

I do not use the term as a term of abuse against social democrats but to mean socialism in words and fascism in deeds. A web search has allowed me to provide evidence of Mirjana Milosevic's contribution to this.

>>if they overlook an analysis of the
>>formation that has given rise to Bosnia as well as Kosovo, they are not
>>approaching the issue in a marxist way.
>For Marxism, read 'the official marxist ideology of the USSR'. What Marx
>would have made of this clap-trap is anyone's guess.

Surprisingly uncivil for Jim H.

>>I am sure that I am likely to
>>regard her political views as infected with revisionism of marxism on the
>>national question and either colluding in or actively abetting social
>>fascism and social chauvinism.
>Indeed, why bother finding out if the prescient powers of Chris' marxoid
>science can solve ahead of time what Mrs Milosevic is saying? This kind
>of pompous invocation of the old man's name must be why Marx said 'All I
>know is that I am not a marxist'.
>Mrs Milosevic: 'Revising Marx on the national question I have decided to
>collude or to actively abet social fascism and social chauvinism - so
>vote Milosevic on May 3rd!'

Well my evidence follows.

But the sharpness of Jim H's remarks reminds me that a magazine I associate with him, perhaps wrongly, now called LM, used to be called Living Marxism. About three years ago it particularly emphasised defence of the Serbs from the charge that they were fascist. One cover if I recall rightly, had a picture of Serb severed heads. So it was using atrocity stories to promote appeasement among western liberal left circles, of Serb social fascism.

That weakened the possibilities of pressing governments to take more decisive action in Bosnia, and has contributed IMHO to the crime against humanity committed by Serb fascism in Kosovo.

I regard Jim H's dismissive evasiveness in his post as not to his credit.

Mirjana Milosevic _________________

A web search was not conclusive. One popular biography seems to be the source of the idea that she is the power behind the throne. Mirjana or Mira Milosevic is said to be a professor of Marxist theory and regarded as influential on her husband. She is said to come from a noted Communist family. She is said to head the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, or JUL (I am not sure if that is the same)

The following from the Index on Censorship line quotes from her fortnightly column in a women's magazine. It may be of interest to people in the women's movement and explains the hostility to a pluralist civil society. It is clearly part of an ideology which is social fascist (socialist in words, fascist in deeds). The article for example gives good reasons for closing down the B92 independent radio station at the start of the war against Kosovo.

I invite Jim H to call this marxoid science if he wishes.

Chris Burford


Mirjana Markovic, First Lady of Yugoslavia, considers the country's independent media in an excerpt from her diary, published in the Belgrade women's magazine Bazar on 25 June 1998.

22 June: ...In the 1990-98 period, journalists of the so-called independent media have functioned as [the counterpart of the past] neighbours, fellow-workers, students and acquaintances who inform on their own people to the new occupier. Only today's informers do not have to perform their work secretly, to whisper to the intermediaries on the sly, by night in the off-streets. Their activity has become public. News, commentaries, caricatures and photographs are their reports.

These reports are sent to the modern occupier, the New World Order, whose aim is to order the whole world according to the one pattern it has devised on its own, and to punish any resistance. The New World Order has all the weaponry necessary for the task at its disposal - information media, as weapons for psychological destruction, and enhanced classic, chemical and atomic weaponry, as tools for physical destruction.

Today, the weapons for psychological destruction are used on a massive and fairly successful scale, while the other kind, the weaponry for physical destruction, is use only if the first one has proved inefficient.

Journalists working for the local tabloids and crime-chronicle papers are doing their best not to omit a single Yugoslav citizen who seems insufficiently obedient, especially if the citizen is eminent in his/her profession. In the 30s and 40s, the then Berlin-seated pretender did not have as many loyal allies inside the countries he headed as the New World Order creator now has in the printed and broadcast media news rooms in the countries he is interested in.

The modern informers not only carry out their work publicly, but the activity of informing has become a legal weapon of the modern times. But our modern informers inside Yugoslavia find this activity against their own country insufficient. Although they hold the weapon for psychological destruction, they are restless to see the other kind of weaponry brought into play.

They invoke the implementation of the other kind, the weaponry for physical destruction, by scheduling now and again air raids, secessions, annexations and war, although the owners of the weaponry for physical destruction are postponing their implementation until they have definitely confirmed that the first kind has not yet yielded the desired result.

Treason is happening again. With some differences. Last time, it was organised and secret. Now it is organised - and public.

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