Burford's post re Yoshie

Michael Hoover hoov at freenet.tlh.fl.us
Mon Apr 5 20:48:30 PDT 1999

>Yoshie is supporting social fascism.
>Chris Burford
>GN: Looks that way to me, but I hadn't wanted to post it.
>There's nothing fascist about Yoshie, and it's a smear to
>say so.
> how about:totalitarian
> kelley

re: social fascism? wrong...'theory' of social fascism was used by Stalin to characterize soc-dems as the 'moderate wing of fascism'...

re: totalitarian? nope, won't fly either...'theory' of totalitarianism was cooked up by post-WW2 libs & cons who sought to recast Soviets in place of Nazi Germany as incarnation of evil empire that could be deterred only by aggressive foreign policy backed by worldwide military presence...

above slander reminds of left anti-communist capitulation to right-wing in use of 'apologist' and 'Stalinist' to characterize leftists who refused to buy into US Cold War bullshit (didn't matter if latter were critical of 'actually existing socialism' or not)...Michael Hoover

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