My thoughts on bombing dirty Serbs

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Apr 6 05:38:38 PDT 1999

Michael Pollak wrote[emphasis added]:

> I think it's unfortunately very simple: it's revenge for making *us* look
> bad in Bosnia. *We* did ... name -- *we* supported Pol Pot for 10
> years. ...*us* look bad. *We* dogged Vietnam for 20... the same. *We* are
> irrational and dogged and unflagging and
> murderous when k*we* feel someone's made *us* look like fools. It's the one
> thing you can count on, *our* Puritan pride.

Michael, please don't do this. It isn't even true of the huge majority of Americans who support the war -- they are merely following a quite rational procedure: trust your leaders and your whole education.

*They* are doing it, whether the chosen weapon is the Marines, the CIA, the IMF, bombers, or full scale land forces -- and quite describable and predictable consequences follow from what THEY do in Chile and Haiti and the Dominican Republic and Guatemala and Indonesia and Korea and Honduras and Nicaragua and Columbia and Iraq and Palestine and El Salvador and Brazil (late '50s) and the Philippines and Cuba and Granada and Lebanon and Honduras and Cambodia and Laos and Malysia and Puerto Rico and Ecuador and Bolivia and Peru and Mexico and Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan and Angola and Mozambique and ...


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