My thoughts on bombing dirty Serbs

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Tue Apr 6 14:01:24 PDT 1999

Your point is taken, Carrol. But there is a reason to say "we." We are in part responsible for their being our leaders. We the Left have done nothing effective to get better leaders for a long time. "We" implies a sense of guilt. "They" for me implies a sense of innocence, like it's not at all my fault these guys run the country.


> Michael Pollak wrote[emphasis added]:
> > I think it's unfortunately very simple: it's revenge for making *us* look
> > bad in Bosnia. *We* did ... name -- *we* supported Pol Pot for 10
> > years. ...*us* look bad. *We* dogged Vietnam for 20... the same. *We* are
> > irrational and dogged and unflagging and
> > murderous when k*we* feel someone's made *us* look like fools. It's the one
> > thing you can count on, *our* Puritan pride.
> Michael, please don't do this. It isn't even true of the huge majority
> of Americans who support the war -- they are merely following a
> quite rational procedure: trust your leaders and your whole education.
> *They* are doing it, whether the chosen weapon is the Marines, the CIA,
> the IMF, bombers, or full scale land forces -- and quite describable and
> predictable consequences follow from what THEY do in Chile and Haiti and
> the Dominican Republic and Guatemala and Indonesia and Korea and
> Honduras and Nicaragua and Columbia and Iraq and Palestine
> and El Salvador and Brazil (late '50s) and the Philippines and
> Cuba and Granada and Lebanon and Honduras and Cambodia and
> Laos and Malysia and Puerto Rico and Ecuador and Bolivia and
> Peru and Mexico and Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan and Angola and
> Mozambique and ...
> Carrol

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