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Valiant Max: I fail to see any victory in the decay of NATO. Its main mission -- contra the USSR and Warsaw Pact -- was accomplished in spades.


Actually the defect of the post WWI settlement included two main deficiencies: the economic reprisals, about which Max knows enough, and the failure to "occupy until stable." Hitler would have been unthinkable under conditions of continued occupation. So NATO *did* accomplish its *other main mission* -- integration of German military power into a western alliance--in spades as well.

One of the primary benefits of NATO, not often thought about, was that with several hundred thousand British & US troops stationed on German soil, the entire political context was changed. "Defending against Russia" provided an opportunity to reinforce international liberalism in Germany.

When I review literature on imperialism with students, I point out that we "don't know" which anti-imperialist recipe worked because *all* were tried:

Hobson diagnosis: Underconsumption. Recommendation: Free trade and social welfare state. Status: implemented.

Gerschenkron diagnosis: Junkers and protectionism. Recommendation: Destroy Junker class and move to free trade. Status: implemented. (Junkers fed to Russia, some were turned into party members, some executed, lands seized, etc.)

Keynes diagnosis: Punitive economic settlement. Recommendation: free trade zone, economic assistance, limitations of punitive reparations. Status: implemented (some reparations but mostly Marshall plan aid; EC formed).

Clemenceau diagnosis: Inevitably of German effort to dominate Europe. Recommendation: reduce territory and try to control military capability. Status: implemented (loss of much of East Elban territory, permanent presence of NATO troops on German soil).

The only plan that *wasn't* tried was the "pastoralization plan."

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