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Wed Apr 7 18:23:35 PDT 1999

Dear Doug and the LBOers,

If Clinton,Gore and Co. had to react to an armed separatist movement composed of a few thousand militia members equipped with automatic weapons, rocket propelled grenades, land mines, anti-tank weapons and high explosives, my guess is that they would come down so hard on them they would make Slobby & Co. look like Mother Theresa. And I take a modified Hitchens view of Mother Theresa.

Remember how Clinton and Co. handled the little scattered kook separatists outbreaks at Waco, the Montana Freeman, the Ruby Ridge incident etc.etc. How many are dead, wounded or in jail for these separatist outbreaks in our own country? Can you imagine the carnage if we had a major outbreak of armed separatism?

Your email pal,

Tom L.

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Max Sawicky wrote:
> etc.
> Max, I don't get your point. I don't think anyone on this list is denying
> that Serbs have done and continue to do horrible things in Kosovo. The
> arguments made here instead are that they're not the only guilty ones, that
> NATO isn't the proper agency to do anything about it, and the U.S. and its
> allies are using humanitarian concerns to push an imperial agenda. You're
> doing the same thing Nathan Newman and Chris Burford are - turning any
> criticism of the bombing into an implied apologetics for Serbia. Clinton,
> that great humanitarian, would love it if every televised refugee
> translated into deeper support for the cruise missiles. Why are you so
> quick to believe the best about him when it comes to high explosives, and
> so quick to believe the worst when it comes to fiscal policy?
> Doug
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