Opening Borders

Margaret mairead at
Thu Apr 8 03:41:43 PDT 1999

Carrol Cox <cbcox at>) wrote:

>Margaret writes: "As to US domination being generally benign: 'benign'
>is probably the wrong term. I would probably say 'generally less directly
>This is sheer grade-school pap.

I'm afraid i must disagree.

>Bishop Romero's murder and the events that led up to it; U.S. support
>of Indonesian policy in East Timor. A good place to begin with East
>This aid to Guatemala, under Montes (sp?) perhaps the most savagely
>murderous regime in Latin American history, was in aid of said Rios

Chris, you make my point for me. The US tends to support the people who do the killing rather than doing the killing directly. That's what i meant by '...less directly murderous'. How could i have said it more clearly?

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