Burford's post re Yoshie

Michael Hoover hoov at freenet.tlh.fl.us
Thu Apr 8 08:22:04 PDT 1999

Good thought (after much reformatting to make it readable)...Michael

> Fascism is open terroist rule of the most chauvinist, racist sector of
imperialism (imperialism today being monopoly capitalism). The main imperialist power in the world today is the U.S. Serbia is not an imperialist nation. Yoshie is opposing imperialist war. Those arguing against Yoshie and in favor of U.S. imperialist war are much closer to fascism than Yoshie. But I guess things get confused and turned upside down easily when the bombs start falling.
> Totalitarianism is , as Michael Hoover says, bourgeois anti-communist ,
anti-Soviet rhetoric (Hannah Arendt) from the Cold War . Speaking of totalitarianism , Big brother controls your mind by having you watching him

in totalitarian U.S. 1999. The mind control works so good, he has Anglo-American chauvinist/jingoists "leftists" calling the socialists "social fascists".
> The attack on Yoshie is true "left" conservatism.
> Charles Brown

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