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Chris wrote:
> At 15:08 10/04/99 -0400, Wojtek wrote:
> >My own position on this issue is close to that of Rosa Luxemburg, who
> >opposed national separatism on the grounds that it divides the working
> Please consider section 8 "The Utopian Karl Marx and the Practical Rosa
> Luxemburg" in Lenin's "The Right of Nations to Self-Determination" 1914,
> and the article generally on Luxemburg's errors on this question.
Chris, though I think I agree with you on the question of self-determination, I dont think you can approach the issue in a religous refrence to the sacred writing of St.Vladimir Illich. If you think that Lenins position of 1914 is still valid 1999, say in what way. Thats how Lenin treated Marx. He proofed Marx wih examples of Lenins contemporary events. Lets look at Lenin from the perspective of 1999. The same I would ask Wojtek with respect to Rosa Luxemburg. Just to make my position clear. I think the ongoing oppression of Albanians in the Kosovo has divided the working class in Yugoslavia. In the 80ies Yugoslavia was in a prerevolutionary situation. Workers of all nationalities were almost constantly engaged in strikes. In this situation the propaganda against the Albanians was crucial to divert a social struggle into a national one. To me its obvious that the Serbs are the oppressor nation in Yugoslavia. As long as the Serb working class does not accept this fact, it can never free itself. On the other hand, as long as the Kosovarians are oppressed all their energies will be absorbed by this national oppression and let them forget their class position as workers or peasants. Thats why self-determination is a neccessary precondition to anything further. Defending self-determination does not mean you have to advocate seperation in any case. More radical Kosovar politicians like Adem Demaci have called for a Balkans federation made up of Yugoslavia, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Johannes

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