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Sun Apr 11 08:33:43 PDT 1999

you work it out. first post: "the people of the Balkans", "these people, all of them". second post: "no condemnation of them as people can be ascribed to me".

interesting game you're playing, all by yourself (see below).

Angela ------------- dl had written:

>The first problem is that the people of the Balkans are
>uncivilized and cannot resist the temptation to use ethnicity as an excuse
>for violence. This, I believe, is no insult but a clear representation of
>the facts. After weeks and months of hearing claims and counter-claims of
>atrocious behavior by Serbs, Croats, Albanians and all the rest, I have
>simply added up the instances of atrocious behavior and come to the
>conclusion that these people, all of them, are essentially hooligans.

dl wrote most recently:

>Finally, not only does it not undermine one's empathy and compassion to
>call a person a bigot when that is true, one's empathy and compassion are
>not truly tested until one must have them for a bigot. I may be guilty
>of some loose talk, both uncompassionate and lacking empathy, for Balkan
>bigots but no condemnation of them as people can be ascribed to me,
however often
>it maybe projected onto me.

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