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excerpt from : The workers' movement in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia by Aleksandar Simic* / Revolutionary Group TORPEDO (Serbia, November 1995)

the full article is at http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/eastern/yugoslavia.html

People in all parts of Yugoslavia resisted the war and the nationalist madness. Some figures suggest that over 100,000 people fled from Serbia alone because of the war. In Serbia there were recorded instances of mass desertion where whole army units left their positions and went home. There were cases of collective conscientious objection, e.g. in the village of Tres**njevac in Voivodina where all the male residents refused to enlist in 1991, or in the years that followed, which brought them into serious conflict with the civilian and military authorities. There were also big demonstrations and student protests, but unfortunately this resistance was weak and not well organized.

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