NATO & Milosevich: Lovers' Quarrel?

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Sun Apr 11 13:24:24 PDT 1999

This is sort of like purposefully not understanding the idea that the use of deadly force or terror in self-defense against conquest or exploitation is not the same , is the exact opposite of using force or terror to conquer or to exploit. Leninism upholds self-defensive use of force or terror, which capitalism is in general. No moral confusion about that, just common sense. The sarcastic use of "misapplication to the wrong people at the wrong time" is goofy in this context.

Charles Brown

>>> Max Sawicky <sawicky at> 04/11/99 03:28PM >>>
To another list Chris posted, some weeks ago:

> Let us therefore set the atrocity argument to one side, since every
> Leninist knows that terror may occasionally be a necessary element of the
> dictatorship of the proletariat.

It does not inspire confidence to hear that the only thing wrong with terror is its misapplication to the wrong people at the wrong time.

Which raises the issue of sentimentality. Your fellow Leninist Carroll disapproves of it, yet he bleats about "bad faith" and "immorality" on my part. Well, if sentiment is baggage and history is all, why such whining? The only definition of 'comrade' is someone who agrees with you. We are all duty-bound to be as ruthless as necessary in all our dealings. Tell lies about anybody and anything, the whole nine yards. I regret that this gives communism a bad name.

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