NATO & Milosevich: Lovers' Quarrel?

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Mon Apr 12 19:47:31 PDT 1999

> This is sort of like purposefully not understanding the idea that
> the use of deadly force or terror in self-defense against
> conquest or exploitation is not the same , is the exact opposite
> of using force or terror to conquer or to exploit. Leninism
> upholds self-defensive use of force or terror, which capitalism
> is in general. No moral confusion about that, just common sense.
> The sarcastic use of "misapplication to the wrong people at the
> wrong time" is goofy in this context.

The problem in Leninism/Trotskyism/Maoism/Stalinism is that the concept of "self-defense" is very elastic.

And that's Mr. Goofy to you.


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