US troops openly in Kosovo now (fwd)

Jim heartfield jim at
Mon Apr 12 11:41:32 PDT 1999

In message <v04011703b337d99cb07d@[]>, Doug Henwood <dhenwood at> writes
>I just heard on CNBC that U.S. officials are now saying the bombing will go
>on for another 2 months.

Yes, this was reported on the early evening news here, along with Nato admitting that they had indeed bombed a bridge carrying a passenger train last night, as reported in Belgrade. Nine people were killed outright and many more injured. This must be what they mean by 'degrading Milosevic's military might'. Also reported that once again Nato had singled out factories and oil refineries for annihilation, and that once again the citizens of Novi Sad had stood vigil on the remaining bridge there, all night, to save it from attack. -- Jim heartfield

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