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from: bojan

Slavko Curuvija, owner of the Yugoslav opposition newspaper Dnevni Telegraf, was shot to death on Sunday. Witnesses reported that Curuvija and his wife were entering their apartment building in Belgrade when two unidentified gunmen came up behind them. Curuvija was shot several times in the head and back, while his wife was pistol whipped. The Dnevni Telegraf has been in trouble with the government of Yugoslavia several times for reporting against the views of President Slobodan Milosevic.


from: viktor (as a reply to a previous post)

i don't deny that refugees exist, i don't know did you come to that idea, the number's not important, for me it's a tragedy that even one person became a refugee, and not to mention tens of thousands. where did you get the idea that local media is brainwashing me, i don't watch tv for days now, don't listen to the radio, don't read the newspapers, since i am sick of propaganda floskulas like "Murderer Clinton and his cloned best boy Blair". I understand that you're very nervous and that your adrenalin's rising but don't take it out on me! I can only imagine how you'd react if i denied that some more modest Albanian leaders were killed (as it was published). I didn't have a hint on the facts then, so i was silent. This time i have found out something so i have posted it to this list, and how do you thank me? You spit on me... That 's the main reason why I gave up sending stuff to this list, and internet in general...

If times were diferent i'd take this shit, in this situation i don't have to! I have to many of my own problems, every two-three days missiles fall closer and closer to me (last explosion literrarly blew me into the flat from my terrace, and i'm 198 cm high and weight 94 kg), i have to go to work in fucking Kumodraz every morning where i sit idle for hours and don't do anything besides look through the window and observe tanks and anti-airforce artillery which are stationed just by the bulidning and we don't have a decent cellar and i am just wishing that nato doesn't decide to act through the day as well.


from: Willi


The war in Kosovo and Yugoslavia leaves many of us with a feeling of deep powerlessness. When stricken with this feeling I keep asking myself how we can ever move towards a free and self-managed society when faced with genocidal nationalisms and the murderous machinery of NATO and global capitalism. It seems there are no short-term solutions and that all our efforts are still a drop in the ocean, easy to reverse. Peace activists in Yugoslavia say that the NATO attacks have completely ruined their years of local work at building elements of radical grass-roots democracy, "civil society", etc.

But we have to start somewhere, and i see two main directions of things to do.

First of all i think we must vocally oppose the NATO attacks on Yugoslavia and offer whatever resistance we can using direct action. The NATO attacks have already gone far beyond any interpretation of "military necessity" and are obviously aimed at destroying the entire civilian and industrial infrastructure of Yugoslavia with no regard being given for human life. This is absolutely unacceptable, especially considering that the professed military aims of the NATO attacks have not been achieved. What the NATO powers' underlying aims are still needs to be clearly stated, but NATO's supposed concern for human rights can be readily debunked (i.e. where was NATO during the last 10 years of bloody repression in Kosovo? Why hasn't NATO bombed the Turkish government in Ankara to prevent massacres of the Kurds?! etc.).

Secondly i think we need to intensify our work on building international networks between the progressive movements - the women's, peace, counter-cultural and above all the workers' movement, which must be an integral part of the project for social revoltion. With time these movements will together be able to start challenging state and capitalist power. But the longer-term prospects of this project will depend, among other things, on finding an egalitarian solution to the "language problem" which would allow ordinary people in different countries and walks of life to communicate freely with one another without depending on hierarchies of co-optable polyglotts, without their own language and culture being downgraded by the world's main imperialist language (English). The internationalist language ESPERANTO - which has a long tradition in much of the Balkans - could be that key. The only solution is evolution - and then revolution!

Anarcho-syndicalist greetings Will Firth Berlin (currently in Zagreb) FAUB1 at FAU.ORG


from: Goran Milicevic

Dear colleagues and friends, In this dark moments for our country words are lacking to express our indignation and sorrow. All our efforts to support a birth of a civil society in Serbia were shattered in a single day. War bugles have taken over bringing sufferings and misery to all. Immense tragedy is growing on a daily basis. And yet, left without a single independent print or electronic media, vast majority of people here is still unawareof it. Having difficulties to communicate freely among us, in this proclaimed state of war, very few of us left, in the name of the CCDUS, are sending this appeal asking You to support it or to issue Your own appeals aimed at silencing these war bugles. We hope that we do not appear too pathetic and old fashioned when recalling a good old slogan - GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.

Yours sincerely Prof. dr Goran Milicevic chairman of the Co-ordinating Committee for the Defense of Universities in Serbia

P.S. Your supports or appeals, You can send at our mirror site to April Major



TO INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC COMMUNITY AND TO ALL PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL Horrified by the events Europe has not witnessed since the end of the World War II, we demand that this disaster, which is affecting the whole Yugoslav population, cease at once. Violence is not a means for solving complicated interethnic problems, nor should civilized countries at the end of 20th century apply it even if it could solve them. Even if common multiethnic life at Kosovo would become impossible, the separation should not be so horrible. The humiliation which every decent person, faced with such a tragic outcome, must feel tells us that we have not done all we could that such a horrible separation be avoided. Therefore we call upon all the members of the international academic community and all people of good will, to ask all together of our governments to stop without any delay all hostilities and all military operations actions which only enlarge the dimensions of our common disaster and sufferings of innocent civilians. Let us raise our voice and demand: - that negotiations of adversing sides should restore imminently, - that the "doves" should replace the "hawks" at the negotiating table, and - that negotiations should be held, without any interruptions or delays, till such an all-encompassing solution is found and accepted by both sides, which would enable not only the safe return of all the refugees, but would also guarantee conditions for normal life to all Kosovo inhabitants, as well. Co-ordination Committee for the Defense of Universities in Serbia Belgrade, Easter 1999

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