[PEN-L:5242] What's My Line

Lisa & Ian Murray seamus at accessone.com
Tue Apr 13 17:56:34 PDT 1999

Pilots fly by instrumentation, not by looking out the window...and the monitors in most aircraft suck....not excusing the moron's actions by any means however.....

Ian Murray

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> Did I hear General Clarke right? He says the pilot who attacked the train
> bridge 'intently' looked at his monitor, and noticed the train on the
> bridge only at the last second, when it was no longer possible to
> divert or
> abort.
> The bit where I spill my morning cuppa follows: the 'same thing' happens
> when the pilot TURNS BACK for a second attack - the train he just saw now
> being shrouded by the smoke ensuing from the first strike?!
> Surely they can lie better than this? Or don't they feel they need to?
> Rob.

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