Serbian resistance capability.

Dave Markland markland at
Fri Apr 16 17:52:35 PDT 1999

>(Rosser, repeating a frequently voiced opinion):
> Hitler never was able to suppress the
>Yugoslav guerrillas, despite quickly "taking Belgrade"
>and having massive and brutal forces in place.
Prof R. Hayden notes in an audio interview with him says 7 .1% of serbs, 7 .4% of muslims, and 3.5% of croatians died during ww2, ie. as a proportion pre-war population. see

>the "elite Republican Guard," battle
>tested in over a decade against Iran, was repeatedly
>represented in the media as a terrible foe. It got
>rolled over. Frankly I was quite surprised at how fast

As I recall, much of the elite guard wasn't even "in theatre" in the south and Kuwait.

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