ground troops

kelley digloria at
Fri Apr 16 18:18:30 PDT 1999

heard from a guy i know--a navy journalist stationed in italy today. i tried to extract vital info out of him, but the best i got was that ground troops would be moving in soon. duh. i guess within the week. i guess they figure that they aren't going to be able to control info about the air bombing fuck ups, paticularly since the fuck ups are inevitable. what was it, 2/3 of the bombs dropped on iraq missed? anyway, the argument they'll make is that ground troops will be *more* surgical than air strikes. and they've successfully managed to convince yer avg USer that this is all necessary to stop the next Hitler so not too many folks are going to freak out once the body bags start coming home. well hell they kept secret the marines who died in grenada. whatever.


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