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>when did Kinnock

Reports of Neil Kinnock's death are greatly exaggerated. He was recently one of the European Commissioners who were forced to resign en masse on corruption charges. But as his feisty wife Glenys insisted on BBC's Quetion Time last night, he had done no wrong himself, but was only accepting collective responsibility.

In Britain he was known as the Welsh Windbag (not a great reflection on Ian?) and was famous for losing two elections in a row, until he was so firmly associated with defeat that the Labour Party was forced to get rid of him. Ironically, he was the one person who did most to turn the Labour Party from a party of the trade union bureaucracy to one of the 'Third Way'. His first and most dramatic reform was the expulsion of the Trotskyist infiltrators of the 'Militant Tendency' (even though a younger Kinnock had contributed an article to their paper the Militant). To handle the legal side of things he used a newly qualified lawyer, who had just been elected into parliament, Tony Blair.

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