bankrupt Yugoslavian enterprises

Michael Hoover hoov at
Fri Apr 16 17:10:24 PDT 1999

> The support for non-productive enterprise
> was one of the "imperialist" features of the system
> under Tito and immediately after his death, i.e., poor
> areas paying to subsidize the maintenance of
> unprofitable industry in richer areas.
> -gn.

federal levies were used to support poorer republics...the Yugoslav government's higher than average investments and redistributive programs that began in 1959 and continued through the 1980s eventually alienated Slovenes and Croats - with their emphasis on high tech, increasing production capacity, and foreign investment - who tired of subsidizing Kosovo, Macedonia & Montenegro that stressed labor intensive, low income production in agriculture, handicrafts, & textiles...Michael Hoover

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