Big Dicks

kelley colleen digloria at
Mon Apr 19 09:12:06 PDT 1999

Tavia wrote:
>>would like to be able to produce quotes demonstrating
>>a third >>alternative: a substantial portion of US foreign
>>policy derives its >>justification from the simple need
>>to have the biggest dick in the >>international community.

to which Wojtek replied:

>But isn't Madaline Albright one of the main architects of the Kosovo
>adventure? She surely cannot hope to impress anyone with the size of her
>noexisting phallus. Or is she a special case of penis envy? Or Henry
>Kissinger cross-dressing? Or maybe the Tricky Dick's second incarnation?

oh very charming. men don't have the Phallus either. get a grip! and not on that!


“touch yourself and you will know that i exist.” ~luce irigaray

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