1 million forced to flee, 10,000 dead!

Anderson, Bob band at unm.edu
Mon Apr 19 14:13:33 PDT 1999

This is a real humanitarian crisis which requires US and/or NATO action, now.

Am I speaking of Kosovo? No, this is Honduras last October under the impact of hurricane Mitch, of which our politicals leaders toured for photo ops and then filed on the back shelf (that shelf with the plans for ground troops in the Balkans). The president of Honduras, Carlos Flores Facusse, on Sunday pleaded for Congress to find a way to free nearly $1 billion in aid promised for relief efforts. That would be, what, about one or tow B-2 bombers?

Good luck, Pres. Facusse, your time frame of focus for US geo-political interests has passed. And many of the refugees have decided to walk here since we refused to help them there. We should welcome them here since we refuse to provide the humanitarian and social support they deserve in their own country.


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