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Mon Apr 19 14:32:55 PDT 1999

Hey LaBosterS. It's happened, and it's happened big. Linux just hit the pool, made such a big splash, the pool, she emptied. Guy named Sam Ockman of Penquin Computing. Went right up to SUN and all the biggies at this conference and said, hey man, our machine can kick your machine's butt, and it's custom too, man. I think that's a part of why the NASDQE or whatever ya call it, crashed today.

I was also looking at a company in Baton Rouge, cher, and they got a cheap, easy little kit that let's independent service provider's underprice the biggies. Thier stocks like 5 bucks. I'm running into all kinds of forces working against the big fish eating the little fish thing cause things are changing so dramatically, so fast.

Between the internet and global overcapcity though, something strange is happening to the whole profit thing. Interesting.

By the by, of the four securities I bought this morning, three went up, and the fouth held it's ground. Hold me back Matilda. Thank the Goddess I don't do stimulative drugs anymore.

You wouldn't believe the tax deductions you get if you invest in the market. It's disgusting. You can even deduct a secretary, you know, just as an individual. How much child care is deductable? And if you're a frequent trader you can claim your office in your house, which I've heard is not that simple if you're moonlighting as a plumber, say. So even the tax code encourages this silly, dangerous game. It's so goofy, I have to stop and remind myself to take it seriously or stop already.


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