Max Sawicky sawicky at
Mon Apr 19 23:19:43 PDT 1999

> You wouldn't believe the tax deductions you get if you invest in the
> market. It's disgusting. You can even deduct a secretary, you know, just
> as an individual. How much child care is deductable? And if you're a

Re child care I forget but under the Dependent Care Credit it's between $4-5K, which gets you a maximum tax credit of $480 last year. Might be different now. The best way to do child care is have an employer who provides a 'cafeteria plan' wherein you can pay child care with pre-tax dollars. The max is $5K. This saves you heaps more than the pathetic dependent care credit.

> frequent trader you can claim your office in your house, which I've heard
> is not that simple if you're moonlighting as a plumber, say. So even the

Careful. Home office deduction is an audit flag. DOn't use it unless you have a very good case.

Be careful out there.


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