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I'm not entirely sure about the accuracy of theses specific claims, but I will say that I'm sure that the world shown to those in Yugoslavia and that shown to you and I in australia, Europe, and the US is, well, worlds apart. I forward the stuff from zaginflatch, because it inserts a degree of reality into the discussions, not in the sense of providing more accurate information necessarily, but definitely in the sense of offering an insight into the perspectives of those who are daily being bombed and have to confront the political effects of this. and, more importantly perhaps, these are not people who support nationalism in Serbia or accept the embrace of global capital. I don't think this person who wrote this latest is a deserter, but they are harboring people who are in fear of being called up. in the ex-yu, there have been ongoing, but not very well organised, desertions and mutinies over the period of the wars in the ex-yu. as for Russian military aid, I would think that any open aid would immediately make Russia a open enemy of NATO, and I do not think either NATO or Russia would like to see this recognised. there are going to be many well-known secrets in this war.

i thought this sentence was important: "The only question is whether the cheap (economical slave) labour will be used solely by Milosevic and his Fascists or will he have to share them whith the Transnational Corporations."

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