Michael Hoover hoov at
Wed Apr 21 15:49:40 PDT 1999

> What's going on exactly, protest-wise? I don't see or hear of much activity
> in New York, though maybe I'm out of touch. Any reports from elsewhere?
> Doug

weekly teach-ins here in Orblando...first anti-war demo last Saturday with about 50 folks at a downtown park area where a bunch of people were attending a play at the "Disney" amphitheatre (some years ago, Disney chose to fund an amphitheatre instead of a homeless shelter, surprise! surprise!)...we were able to disrupt their otherwise enjoyable evening a wee bit, plus there was a lot of car traffic... another demo scheduled for this Sat, same park, same play, different audience...Michael Hoover (going over limit today in an act of sovereign individualism)

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