Nathan's gone

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Apr 21 06:55:44 PDT 1999

>> I want this list to be a place where people can
>> disagree with each other. I hope the 300-something remaining subscribers
>> agree.
>It's a place where people can disagree, but this war is no ordinary topic.
>This will separate the... well, those who support imperialist aggression
>(or fail to see it for what it is) from those who oppose it...

Now at the very least there are several forms of "imperialist aggression" going on here.

I think that NATO's campaign is a bad mistake--that it will kill a lot of people who have never shot an Albanian, and it completely loses sight of the principal task of NATO: to keep the Russians happy and confident that the Germans won't attack them in a generation (and to keep the Poles, etc., confident and happy that the Russians won't attack them in a generation).

But I share Max's (and Nathan's) exasperation and frustration at the moral (and practical) idiocy of those who look at the Serbian government and see nothing but a victim of imperialist aggression.

>Besides, I had already started deleting, unread, the posts of those who
>support this war.

Life gets really boring really quickly if you read only those things with which you agree...

Brad DeLong

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