The Bourgeois Right to Bear Arms/ To Fascistic Racist Organization

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Wed Apr 21 08:27:43 PDT 1999

Jennifer and Wojtek took some of the words right out of my mouth. It is not farfetched to speculate that the high school students who committed this genocidal assault were triggered or psychically released in some sense to do this by the example of Clinton seeking to resolve conflict in Iraq and Yugoslavia with guns and not words.

The other bourgeois right and liberty implicated in what one report says was murders targetting Black students or other students of color by race/nationality is the nurturing and fomenting of racist murder by fascist racist organizations protected by the U.S. First Amendment freedom of speech and assembly. What are the probabilities that these Denver students are plugged into racist fascist cyberspace ?

To paraphrase what I said in an article "For Outlawing Fascistic Racist Speech", (_Crossroads_ Dec/Jan 1993) those liberals ,left-liberals and civil libertarian absolutists who defend fascistic racist speech and organization fail to address or discuss the harm that acutally existing fascistic racist organizations do in non-fascist, capitalist countries, especially the U.S. They do not compare this harm, including to freedom of speech of individuals in groups targetted by the KKK/Nazi types, with their speculation about the indirect harm to non-fascists of outlawing fascistic racist speech and organization.. Assume for argument that the liberals and absolute civil libertarians are correct: outlawing fascist racist speech also results in a crackdown on the left, the advent of a new McCarthyism, a horrendous assault on the First Amendment (freedom of speech, assembly and "thought") of communists, socialists and left liberals. They do not compare this harm with the ongoing modern form of lynching which is racist and anti-gay murders, regularly perpetrated by the KKK, neo-Nazis, Aryan Nation and independent/libertarianist violent racists. This includes many cases of police murder and brutality because many police departments have secret KKK and Nazi members, like Mark Fuhrman from the O.J. Simpson saga. This includes the murder of Martin Luther King, which the KKK no doubt organized. The tolerance of genocidal fascist organization and culture chills all of the civil liberties and rights of the target groups of genocidal fascists, who serve as privatized members of the repressive apparatus of the capitalsit regime. The civil libertarian freedom of speech absolutists are not concerned about these civil liberties and rights. For them the freedom of speech is a higher civil liberty and right than freedom from organization of genocidal and homophobic murder and terror. Fortunately, there is the possibility of outlawing fascistic racism without a new McCarthyism. But if that were the price, are we certain we shouldn't pay ideological priority of the struggle against advocacy and oraganization fo racist and homophobic murder and terror.

Outlaw the KKK and Nazis !

Charles Brown

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At 03:17 AM 4/21/99 -0500, Jennifer wrote:

>I had to choke when president Clinton said in response to the tradegy that
>we simply must teach our children that conflict should be resolved with
>words not guns.

You are absolutely right. The criminologist Dane Archer (_Violence and Crime in Cross-National Perspective_, New Haven: Yale U Press, 1984) notes upsurges of violent crimes in the aftermath of wars and armed conflits among nations. That tendencey is especially pronounced in victorious nations. He explains that government use of violence legitimizes it, in eyes of citizens, as a means of conflict resolutions.

Our fearless leader has been using violence very casually, unleashing cruise missiles and bombers on pharmaceutical plants, trains, and refugee convoys each time his popularity is threatened. So it should not be very surprising that a few deranged kids followed his footsteps and went ona shooting spree to boost their own dwindling popularity. What else can you expect from the deadly combination of alienation caused by suburban living, and infatuation with violence and celebrity cult that permeates pop culture?

Talking about gun control in this context is changing the subject. Both liberals and NRA-types view guns as fetishes which can destroy or save our society while ignoring social conditions that encourage violence.

BTW, NRA is a living proof of a deadly attraction between guns and psychopaths. Ordinary criminals appear are paragons of purpose-rationality vis a vis NRA crazies. It is not criminals with guns that I fear, but the law abiding NRA psychopaths.


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