Nathan's gone

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Wed Apr 21 11:42:26 PDT 1999

>Brad De Long said:

>> Life gets really boring really quickly if you read only those things with
>> which you agree...

Then the book review section of your journal must put you to sleep. Has there been a review there of the books by Doug(*Wall Street*) or Brenner (*Economics of Global Turbulence*) or Galbraith (*Created Unequal*) or Sekine (*An Outline of the Dialectic of Capital*) or Freeman and Carchedi (*Marx and Non Equilibrium Economics and the latter *Frontiers of Political Economy*) or Kanth (*Against Economics*) or Webber and Rigby (*The Golden Age Illusion*) or Amin (*Maldevelopment*) or Bellofiore's (ed.*Marxian Economics*) or Grossmann's (finally trans.) or Moseley (*Marx's Method*)?

When is the last time

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