The Bourgeois Right to Bear Arms

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Wed Apr 21 13:35:32 PDT 1999

At 11:30 AM 4/21/99 -0700, jordan wrote:
>I love these little interludes of discussion about gun control on lists
>like this, because it usually lets me know that people whose postings
>I've come to read with interest are now truth-suspect. If they throw
>around statements like that in the other areas they are purported to be
>expert in like they do about gun control, we're all wasting a lot of

(over limit) First, you cut off the important context from my statement, and then you claim it is false. I might be way in the left field, but not as dumb as to fall for the oldest trick on the books.

The sentence that you cut off read that I came to contact with some gun right advocates who, I considered crazies based on what they said or wrote.

I did not say that all gun owners are crazies, but that it is a good reason for me to stay away from places where such individuals tend to hang out (which includes, IMHO the NRA, even though there might be respectable gun owners as well). For the same reason I avoid leftish cult groups, dog fights, and sports bars.

Second, you ignore my intial point that does not argue for a ban on gun ownership, but against people who view guns as fetishes - either NRA fetishes believed to save our society from chaos, or liberal fetishes beleieved to destroy the moral fabric of our society. To me, guns are like any other tools, say, a gasoline powered mower or a screwdriver.

In fact, I do not have a gasoline powered mower because I do not need one, but I have nothing against other people having gasoline powered mowers, unless they keep turning the damn things on at 7am in my neighborhood. Moreover, I would not loose much sleep over a city ordinance that bans using gasoline powered mowers, and I would suggest to anyone who does to have his head examined.

Ditto for guns.

BTW, would you write your polemics to someone who advocates banning gasoline powered mowers or electric screwdrivers? If not, what is so special about guns?


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