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Max Sawicky sawicky at
Wed Apr 21 20:47:26 PDT 1999

> Max, this is not an analysis of Rambouillet but of the October agreement
> with Holbrooke.

Thanks. I hadn't read it but simply wanted to bring in some fresh material. I am not versed in all the diplomatic twists and turns. I don't think they matter too much right now, since many different types of bridges have been burned, but they have some interest for me.

> This is significant because that agreement didn't bring in the KLA.
> Which baffles me: how do you resolve an armed insurgency by simply
> making the government promise to stop the repression? As soon as the
> agreement was in place, the KLA stepped up its, yes, terrorist attacks
> -- not just attacks on Serb policemen, but on mail carriers and others.

It is totally plausible to me that the KLA could have committed crimes in order to provoke the Serbs into going ape, triggering a NATO intervention. That says something about the KLA, but doesn't let the Milo regime off the hook.

Anyway, I've been exploring Albanian web sites and this was a sample of what I've found. There is personal testimony from inside Kosova and tales of intrepid KLA operations which are no more credible than Serbian Ministry of Info stuff, so I haven't posted them. Arguments about alternative diplomatic solutions are more interesting to me.

I might also mention, just to get Louis excited, that the Albanian sites are linked to something called the Balkan Institute, whose sponsors are a group of very unsavory characters -- Zbig Brzezinski, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Richard Perle, etc. They are also linked to CNN, MSNBC, etc., so anyone can make of this what they will. I also found a site with an economic program for Kosova reflecting closely neoliberal economics; can't vouch for the official status or lack thereof of the site.

Here are some links:;list


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