economic situation in yugoslavia

Jean Christophe Helary helary at
Wed Apr 21 17:54:25 PDT 1999


I would appreciate to be given some references about the economic situation in Yugoslavia from the early seventies.

I read some french newspapers/magazines yesterday (namely le monde weekly and l'express) and was schoked at their vision of the situation in the balkans.

For them it seems that there is one evil : Milosevic, and everything centers on him and a certain idea of Serbia (that was an ally of France, blablabla), everything is so simplified and personalized that I find no wonder when I hear about the massive support to the strikes.

But what surprises me the most is to see talented editorialists (or intelectuals) like Jean-Marie Colombanie or Andre Glucksmann taking the side of Nato (or France in that matter) without any nuance.

I cannot accept that there is only this explanation to serbian nationalism. I read in old articles from Le Monde Diplomatique (not related to Le Monde) that in the early 80' the IMF set up economic policies in the area that resulted in more unemployement where the Tito policies had only weakened the economic potential.

Any suggestion ?

Sincerly yours,

Jean Christophe Helary

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