economic situation in yugoslavia

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Wed Apr 21 18:56:20 PDT 1999

At 20:54 -0400 4/21/99, Jean Christophe Helary wrote:

>I would appreciate to be given some references about the economic situation
>in Yugoslavia from the early seventies.

I just read a very interesting article on this today, titled "IMF 'shock therapy' and the recolonisation of the Balkans", at

Apart from the author's own analysis, sources include Michel Chussodovsky, The Globalisation of Poverty; Susan Woodward, Balkan Tragedy; Doug Henwood, Wall Street; Asad Ismi, "Plunder With a Human Face", Z magazine February 1998; and Michael Barratt Brown, "The War in Yugoslavia and the Debt Burden" in Capital and Class No 50, 1993.

Steven Matthews

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