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Hilly billies are proving that besides ignoring History anf Geography... accidental bombing Kills a Puerto Rican in his homeland Politicians demand Navy stop bombing Puerto Rican island Los Angeles Times: Civilian Killed in U.S. Navy Exercise The Boston Globe: Puerto Rico urging halt to war games FOX News: Death Leads Puerto Rico To Seek End Of War Games The Record Online (New Jersey): Bombs from U.S. jets kill one in Puerto Rico News from Hillybilliland: Lenin statue used to attract gamblers. So, what if we do it with G. Wasington? Africa's Economic Growth Slows Down In 1999 Space Activity Endangers Biosphere Notes on Saskatchewan nurses strike International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu_Jamal web site Photos of NATO train bombing Solidarity with bombed auto workers UNICEF launches a site to help teachers foster child friendly learning environments 16 hurt as Brazil landless clash wiOdiaban a hispanos, negros y judíos... th police Spain: The Itoiz dam project: an European environmental and democratic scandal Canada: Public schools hope to cut staff without layoffs Ford fights with other sisters to regain market share in Europe Virginia: Striking Steelworkers seek support from Congress Johannesburg Municipal workers dispute in fight to resolve deadlocked wage talks Namibia: Navachab Gold miners on strike Guatemala: bishops state that some persons continue to receive threats The Peace and Neutrality Alliance in Ireland text to oppose the Govt's attempt to join Irish to NATO's Partnership for {sic} Peace A list of Nuclear [anti] War Related Links The planet's forests are disappearing at a frightening rate of 15 million hectares each year GM chief takes a huge pay cut as strike crimps profits Turkish ''Democracy'': Ocalan prosecutors call for death sentence America's Sanity: School shooting in Denver leaves 25 dead

Korea Telecom workers to strike

Overnight neolib: Nasdaq to set up an evening stock trading session for those who have day jobs Brazil: Bishop Jayme Chemello re_elected as president of the CNBB Group Aventura: COSATU unhappy with Govt decision Defense Lawyers to Petition Supreme Court for Mumia Abu-Jamal Workers of Seoul Metropolitan Subway on stike Gene terrorists could engineer super virus Lebanese school protests Israeli attack Kansas air not completely safe to breathe USA: Secretarial jobs expand, salaries lag Heated competition between Samsung and LG U.S. Planes Attack Iraqi Targets again A device that uses electricity to map breast lumps may reduce the number of women who get unnecessary biopsies Nissan wouldn't be planning layoffs or plant closings in effort to cut 5,000 jobs Compaq's Pfeiffer vowed strategy, ousted when he couldn't deliver Microsoft's Windows might dominate the operating system wars right now Apple opens up QuickTime to developers Postage stamps will be available online by next year Technology investing: "Do we really know the intrinsic values of what these things are? Japanese police launch cyber crime center Energy-saving feature may make iMac nod off momentarily Microsoft to acquire leading maker of PC golf games CD ROM drives, scanners, printers and all other tools are today as perishable as eggs and ripe peaches Compaq s chairman is not your typical Clark Kent More Internet users are choosing to get online through alternative outlets High Court Upholds Computer Indecency Law

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Communist Party of India's statement Speach given by a leader of Communist Party of Canada Belgian Front Revolutionnare de Liberation du Peuple: Imperialism is the one that's guilty The Workers' Party of Ireland unequivocally condemns the hypocritical and murderous bombing attack by NATO Albanians not so innocent victims Greece: Tsochatzopoulos notes ground troops not a solution to the crisis Undeclared war between NATO and Serbia is a threat to whole world nuclear plants in Eastern Europe aren't protected adequately

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