Legion of Charlies

steve at panix.com steve at panix.com
Thu Apr 22 06:51:14 PDT 1999

Does anyone else remember the comic 'Legion of Charlies'? It was published in the early 1970s. The first few pages depicted side-by-side the attack by Lt. Calley's platoon on the villagers at My Lai and the Manson family's attack on the Polanski/Tate residence. In the end, Calley was awarded a medal and Manson was given the chair (still the expected outcome at that time, I'm guessing).

Is this just deja vu all over again in Littleton, Colorado?

I remember from that time too a study that compared violence used as a tool of foreign policy and the rise in violence domestically. Does anyone know of that study, or subsequent ones?

Steven Matthews

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