Wage gap figures question??

Marta Russell ap888 at lafn.org
Thu Apr 22 14:09:08 PDT 1999

Jim Westrich wrote:

> At 05:00 PM 4/21/99 , you wrote:
> >Marta Russell wrote:
> >
> >>Looking over the CPS census data I found that women ($24,973) are paid
> >>less than men ($33,674).
> The median woman in the labor force earns around $19,000. The median man
> earns around $30,000 (exact numbers available on request). Medians below
> means are indicative of inequality and the fact that for women the median
> is substantially lower than the mean indicates there is greater inequality
> among women in labor market.

Jim could you provide me with a citation for this so I can use it.

> A look at people in the labor force reveals there is a lot of income
> inequality. A fact that surprised me while running my own numbers on the
> CPS 1998 is that 23.7% of women in the labor force earn less than $10,000
> (both low pay and part time status factor in here), while for men it was
> 12.8%. 58.7% of women earn under $23,000 while only 36.3% for men. 9.9% of
> men earn over $75,000 while 2.6% for women.

And a citation for these figures too!!! It is good for the point I am making to show it is worse than expected and has class implications. Thanks


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