christian a. gregory cgregory at
Fri Apr 23 07:42:57 PDT 1999

castells wrote a not uninteresting take on the crisis of the 70's back in 79 or 80. i also thought "the informational city" was interesting in many ways. but this new stuff about "the power of identity" and "the information age" reads like uninteresting post-structuralism warmed over business press readings of social science. it has also been used--a la folks like alan liu--to justify treating "displacement" as the signature of the age. in this case, linguistic displacement winds up being treated as being the model for the displacement of vast swathes of world population due to famine, war, corporate reorganization and so on. and since language is constitutively "dis-placed" blah blah blah there's no real interest in understanding any of the agencies that prompt other kinds of movement. it's actually closer to some bad pomo social science reconstruction of the analytics of *dasein* than a new marx or weber. but maybe i should try reading more than 100 pages of it. i tried but couldn't stomach it.


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