race & murder

kirsten neilsen kirsten at infothecary.org
Fri Apr 23 18:12:14 PDT 1999

thanks for the lesson in media criticism. i have, however, read parenti's book and many others as well. and, gasp, i even understood them. thus i am well aware that the nyt is not a vessel of truth and i read everything critically, especially the new york times. but the kinds of media obfuscation parenti and others generally point to runs much deeper than simply making stuff up, e.g. the example below. that's the one thing they generally don't do -- they misinterpret, they slant, they omit, they obscure, etc., but they usually stop short of fabrication.

one might ask why the nyt felt it important to relate the father's feeling that his son was targeted for reasons other than his race. that is reading critically. and that would be a fair question from you, i think, and much more effective than suggesting that i believe every thing i read in the nyt.


Charles Brown wrote:
> Just because the NYT says it , doesn't mean it is true. As a matter of > fact if the NYT says it , it should be consider critically.
> See for example, _Inventing Reality_ by Michael Parenti
> Charles Brown

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