race & murder

Mark Rickling rickling at netzero.net
Sun Apr 25 22:21:15 PDT 1999

> How much play is the Hitler's birthday connection getting? I was just at a
> meeting full of urban sophisticates and only one or two out of a group of
> ten were aware of it.
> Doug >>
>However, the media is interviewing the father of the black athlete who was
>killed, and the father is doing an excellent job getting out the message
>his son was killed BECAUSE he was black. maggie coleman mscoleman at aol.com

The day following the massacre I saw an interview of the black student's father by a local NBC news affiliate where the father said that his son was "killed because of the color of his skin." After the interview the broadcast cut to the reporter on the scene, who explicitly denied such an interpretation. On cue next up was a (white) friend of the shooters who claimed, "they weren't no racists. They hated everybody." Sure, little Dylan and Eric just killed twelve of their classmates and a teacher to boot, but the proposition that nice white boys from the "small-town America" could have been racists was simply a fact too horrible to contemplate.

I'm ignorant of Denver's geography and the history of the metropolitan area, but my first inclination is to substitute "racist enclave" for the term "suburb." Can anyone here give the history of Littleton or the history behind the racial composition of the region???


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