White Trash & "Gummo"

Jennifer A Young CLEANBYRD at prodigy.net
Mon Apr 26 14:39:21 PDT 1999

Dear Folks,

I had one more thing I wanted to share with you all before I go hang my head in shame for being a classist pig.

At my new college job, bothering folks on the phone in the evening in order to establish public opinion, I had an interesting dialogue with a co-worker. She had just gotten off the phone, turned to me and said "everyone I have talked to today must live in a trailer park." I said "What is that supposed to mean?" She said "They have all been so rude!" I said "I live in a trailer park." She looked sheepish, and said, "Well I didn't mean everyone in a trailer park is rude, you know what I meant, my grandparents live in a nice mobile home....and so on"

Just wanted to share that.

Jennifer Young

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>>as for /dave/'s comments: we've had this conversation among some of at
>>who subscribe to another list. when i taught at very elite liberal arts
>>colleges i discovered that thee is a tremendous hostitility to 'white
>>trash' they were even quite capable, like that web site demonstrated, of
>>providing a very similar analysis of what white trash folks wore, how they
>>behaved, what kinds of cars they drove. even the food! as i recall
>>indications of fundamental white trashness: ramen noodles, kool-aid,
>>yoohoo, tang, little debbie snacks, any kind of casserole, slim jims,
>>pickled pigs feet and the like, hostess snacks.
>>there is an incredible hostitlity to white trash and you'd be surprised at
>>who is actually considered so. oh and there is, as the website noted, a
>>distinction between hicks and white trash. hicks have ambition, they try
>>to be middle class. white trash are lazy, shifty, irresponsible, dumb,
>>oversexed, poor planners who live for today, and dirty.
>>probably not too far from the image some on this list have of yer average
>>gun toting yahoo ey?

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