[PEN-L:5936] Civilian-sensitive targets to be bombed.

J. Barkley Rosser, Jr. rosserjb at jmu.edu
Mon Apr 26 14:31:23 PDT 1999

Actually I'm a little surprised that Dough did not forward the stuff from the Johnson List about the threat of war between Russia and the US over an oil embargo. The latest rumblings are pretty scary.

One post was from Graham Allison who had a long meeting with Moscow Mayor and erstwhile presidential candidate, Luzhkov. Luzhkov raised the threat of military conflict over oil shipments, and if there is a ground invasion, over almost certain Russian flights to supply the Serbs. He criticized the Yugoslav leadership (they are all a bit miffed in Moscow over the brushoff given Chernomyrdin), but this situation is beginning to take on an increasingly scary "August 1914" aspect. Barkley Rosser -----Original Message----- From: Ken Hanly <khanly at mb.sympatico.ca> To: pen-l <pen-l at galaxy.csuchico.edu> Date: Monday, April 26, 1999 12:10 AM Subject: [PEN-L:5936] Civilian-sensitive targets to be bombed.

>General Wesley Clark has been given wide discretion to bomb what
>are euphemistically termed
>"civilian-sensitive targets". Serb TV. had a more accurate
>description even if its English is
>a bit strange, when it claimed NATO was bombing civilian objects.
>Before, NATO was destroying structures such as bridges and
>railroads that have both civilian and military uses. Now it is
>clear that
>there is an explicit aim of causing hardship to civilians.
>Heating plants, electrical generating stations and
>water systems are now legitimate targets not to mention private
>homes and tv stations. These are clearly not military targets at
>Cheers, Ken Hnaly
>P.S. Is there a tacit agreement that Russia will not ship oil to
>Yugoslavia or is NATO really unconcerned about stopping and
>searching Russian vessels? Russia says it will keep on shipping
>oil but I wonder
>if this is just face-saving rhetoric?

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