Has Max's Brain Been Captured by the NSC?

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at mindspring.com
Tue Apr 27 10:31:31 PDT 1999

Its not even good NSC analysis. Technically, the assumption is flawed. The hurt curve has peaked in that for every additional ton of TNT delivered to the dwindling target list, the hurt quotient is actually declining. Most of the visible, juicy remotely targetable targets have been hit. This is why close-up high risk Apache attack helicopters are needed. DeLong is right (for once), Max is fantasizing.

Henry C.K. Liu

Brad De Long wrote:

> >
> >There's some point at which his gain in political support due to
> >the bombing is outweighed by the damage to his country. I would
> >say he's beyond that point. I think he could offer a deal and
> >get most of what he wants from Nato.
> >
> >mbs
> Now you are thinking like a National Security Council staffer.
> Why is avoiding *any* damage to his country worth even the smallest chance
> of losing face? He can go down in history as the leader under whom NATO
> inflicted terrible punishment on the Serbs, but they resisted and they
> endured and they prevailed (because NATO eventually went away), thus
> retaining the historical core lands of the Serbs for Serbia. He can go down
> in history as the leader who buckled under to NATO pressure, starting the
> chain of events that led to Kosovan independence.
> If you were Milosevic, which would you choose? As long as he is confident
> that NATO will eventually get bored and go away, the first option would
> seem more attractive to Milosevic...
> Brad DeLong

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